Beth (izzy_stradlin) wrote in anachrotech,

Steampunk Event near London this weekend.

For those Steampunk fans that live nearish London, Kew Bridge steam museum is currently running a Steampunk exhibition until the 29th of August. They are also having a few themed weekends with workshops and whatnot. This weekend is a steampunk fashion theme 'Fashion Punk'. There will be workshops, competitions and stalls during the day, and a fashion show in the evening on Saturday.
According to the website, future event themes include Steampunk music, and making Steampunk related 'gubbins' (for want of a better word) among other things.
The museum also has a nice steam railway, and some very impressive steam engines, including the worlds largest working beam engine.
Even better, you only have to pay the entry price once, and it gets you into the museum for the rest of the year.
I'm going dressed up in my finery with a couple of friends. Look forward to seeing you there!

(Note, I don't actually work for the museum, this just looks like a mighty awesome series of events, in a very cool place).
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