February 9th, 2009



Steampunk Airship Prints

I have created Airship Prints that can be customized for the Steampunk Airship captain and their crew. Yes, you may have the airship persona and outfit but all you are missing is a stunning 11' x 14" print of the airship you pilot and own to hang on your wall.

The prints showcase the side elevation view of the airship as well as the front and back view. The Non Rigid airships show the inside layout of the vessel. This is good if you are an RPG gamer. It also lists your crew by title and name. The Rigid airships give the full specs of the airship as well as the head crew listing. The Commercial airship has a cut away view to show the internal side view of the ship showcasing living quarters, main lounge, internal hydrogen tanks, entrance area and the lift to the top lounge.

The prints are arranged into 2 Airship categories. The Blimp (non rigid gas bag) Airship and the Rigid (metal internal frame with Hydrogen lift tanks) Airship. The Blimp or NR ships come in 3 sized depending on your needs and your work load. There are 2 types of Rigid or RA ships to choose from.

Customize you prints with your airship name, crew titles and crew names. Simple graphics can be added if you send them to me in an Illustrator CS file. Any custom graphics are an additional charge.

For the Airship Pirates the "NRB-Mini1" print is perfect. The ship is small and agile to make for quick trips in and out of dangerous territory. Plus it can come with a great pirate flag flying in the back. (there is no charge for pirate flags on ships but they must be requested)

Here is a list of the prices and iamges of the printsCollapse )

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The Emperor's Fangoria interview

The Emperor in his generosity, granted www.fangoria.com a moment of his time during his visit to NYCC to discuss his creations. The vids are on the front page, scroll down the different interviews to emperor and see his magnificence. Also check out the infamous Dr. Von Kranknshaft interview.
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A friend is working on a Sekrit Project, and is grasping for a particular vocabulary term. Both of us find it just out of reach, on the tips of our tongues, but it remains elusive.

What would be the Victorian term for "that quality which drives exploration, invention, and yes, both colonialism and the particularly British Empire sense of superiority about their subjects' character"?

Vim. Verve. Moxie. Chutzpah. The inventive spirit.

Who's got the word we're looking for?