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THE GRIMM FAIRYTALE BALL (This Saturday 10/29, Los Angeles)

Once upon a time, little boys and litle girls stepped onto pages seeped with shadowy ink and maddening dreams, passed through contorted reflections of reflecting brass, gripped breathlessly to groundshards or towering flora surpassing clouds, titans, and perhaps even gods... Once upon a time, little boys and little girls were haunted, desired, fooled, fought, danced, seduced, puzzled, poisoned, hunted, lost, and eaten in parables far different than the happy tales with happy endings for happy children today...

With that essence in mind, LADEAD™ cordially invites you to "THE GRIMM FAIRYTALE BALL" -- Our 4th Annual darkly dreaming, decadent evening within an enchanted realm of whispered secrets and enraptured fantasies sheltered in the depths of blithe poetry and sonic prose~

RSVP for the "Hour Of The Wolf"
A Fine Selection of Discount Drinks before 10PM

RSVP @ Facebook!
(Must RSVP "Attending" by 5PM on 10/29)

Beautiful Music for Beautiful People
Darkwave · Trip Hop · Worldbeat · Dark Indie · Tribal
Downtempo · Dark 80/90s · Neo-Classical · Avant Garde

XIAN (Malediction Society, Ruin Hollywood, Mode:M, Warlok)
BARON (Ruin Hollywood, Disko.Nekro, Warlok, Chamber)

VIP Parlour Top Shelf Open Bar
Limit of 40 Exclusive VIP Tickets Only - BUY NOW
VIP Tickets admitt the Ticket Holder to Entrance to The VIP Parlour.
Here the VIP may order ANY drink that the venue has at no cost.

Aerial Performance with Bound Lotus
Witching Hour Performance in The Main Hall
Come the witching hour, we offer the dark aerial talents of BOUND LOTUS
featuring BEN SAYLES and LEIGH ACOSTA as they tell us a little tale of
mellifluous daemons and malevolent djinns~

Costume Contest with The Vampire Don
Midnight on The Patio with The Vampire Don (Mad Mad House)
· 1st Place -- $200 + Year Free Entry to RUIN HOLLYWOOD
· 2nd Place -- $100 + Year Free Entry to RUIN HOLLYWOOD
· 3rd Place -- $50 + Year Free Entry to RUIN HOLLYWOOD

Saturday, October 29th · Los Angeles

@ The Monte Cristo Nightclub - 3100 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90005
21+ · Street & Valet Parking · Coatcheck · Ladies Bathroom Attendant · Full Bar
800 Capacity · A/C · State of the Art Sound & Lighting · Rooftop Smoking Patio
$15 Entry ($11 Presale) · $125 VIP Entry ($100 Presale) · Buy Presale Now
Fairytale Costumes Preferred, Halloween Acceptable · $30 Entry Out of Costume
MySpace  |  Facebook  |  Map & Directions  |  Join our email list

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